SKU: 13-197350


Secretariat 50th Anniversary Kentucky Derby Pin


 Our new, beautiful Secretariat 50th Anniversary Kentucky Derby Pin, is a must have collectible!  This is the perfect accessory for caps, hats or as a lapel pin.

The pin has a large gold “50” placed behind the 3D full colored Secretariat. He is carrying the saddle cloth bearing the number 1A. The bottom of the pin reads “1973 Anniversary 2023 along the bottom.  On the back, the words “Kentucky Derby along with his still standing track record time” is engraved on the back of the pin.

This pin measures slightly over 2″x2″!

We are also offering the Preakness pin with Secretariat in full stride! The Belmont pin will be arriving soon. You will want to collect the three Triple Crown pins!

This pin is a once in a lifetime collectible of “Big Red” as once they are gone – they are gone. 


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