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The amazing, Cody’s Wish Breyer Collectible, will surely be wanted by any horse racing lover!

This horse surely was named properly. He fulfilled the love and wish of his namesake, Cody Dorman. Cody suffered from the rare disease Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome.  Cody’s Wish would come up and nuzzle every time Cody would come up to him even though he was in a wheelchair.

This wonderful horse has captured many fans, old and new alike. as he showed his love for Cody Dorman over and over. He never lost a race when his beloved friend was in attendance. He truly captured the love of the nation.

He won the Breeder’s Cup Dirt Miles back-to-back in 2022 and 2023.   He was also the first horse that won the he 2022 and 2023 Secretariat Von Populi Award which recognizes racehorses whose stories and achievements resound with the public. As if this was not enough –  he was then named, by the Eclipse Awards, 2023 Horse of the Year and Best Older Dirt Male!  

BREYER IS DONATING $10,000  to “Make a Wish” to benefit other disabled children.


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